Maybelline MASTER chrome highlighters

Hey y'all, I can't believe that I haven't written about these because they are incredible drugstore highlights, and I cannot stop reaching for me. Y'all have probably read/watched thousands of reviews on this product and I'm going to add mine haha. I love these highlighters. With the right brush, aka my real techniques setting powder [...]

Setting Spray – NYX vs. Pixi

Hey guys! I've been testing out some new drugstore setting sprays and decided to share my thoughts on them! From Pixi, I got the Glow Mist (US$15) because I generally like a little bit more glow for my setting spray than my actual makeup. I really liked this setting spray, the scent is so pleasing. I [...]

Maybelline Foundation – Matte + Poreless

Hey y'all I haven't done a foundation review yet and decided to do it about a drugstore foundation. This is a really cool, affordable foundation. It attempts to make your pores smaller and create a matte finish. Packaging: I really like the packaging, it has a little weight to it and it reminds me of [...]