Hey y’all,

I’ve tried something new for me, cream eye pencils!

After my eye allergy I have been really careful about what I’ve been using and thought a cream might be a good starting point. So during the VIB sale I picked up the mini nudestix set that had the metallic colours.

The set comes with three mini pencils in the colours Burnish, Nudity and Smoke. It also comes with a pencil sharpener which is really nice. It didn’t cause a reaction with my eyes which was GREAT but then the weather got hot again so I stopped wearing makeup.

The colours are pretty similar. Nude is supposed to be a light highlighter shade, Burnish is a pretty burnt orange and Smoke is a deep brown. They have the same undertones so the end up blending together pretty easily. But it does provide a base for eyeshadow if you want to over lay some product. As well, it isn’t glittery (WHICH I LOVE) it is actually a metallic wash.

I like it and will use the pencil again but I don’t necessary recommend picking up this product. It retails for $24.00 and a regular pencil retails for the same price so I would suggest finding a color you really like and get that instead.

Have y’all tried NUDESTIX? Thoughts?





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