My Favorite Face Brushes

Hey y’all,

So I have slowly started wearing makeup again after my whole eye allergy incident and decided to write a review on face brushes that I really, really, love. Below is my list!

I don’t really use beauty blenders because I much prefer brushes so there will not be a sponge on the list.

Foundation Brushes

This brush is perfect. It has super densely packed synthetic bristles that are extremely soft. It advertises that it’ll give you full coverage foundation but if you use an extremely light hand you get can get a medium-coverage finish with your foundation. It buffs the foundation into your skin so smoothly that it literally takes your a few seconds after you apply the foundation to get it into your skin in an evenly and airbrushed way. It is my favorite brush to use with the Fenty foundation because it is so thick. The brush can bit really annoying to clean since the bristle are packed so finely but if you use a liquid cleaner it is easier than a solid soap.

This brush is perfect for liquid foundation, especially if it is a light coverage foundation. I love using this brush with my Lancome Skin Feels Good foundation. The brush handle is a triangle so it is super comfortable to hold and swirled bristles create an even finish to your foundation. It is also SO pretty, and a great add to your collection for only $10!

Concealer Brushes

I like the long bristles on this brush. It isn’t densely packed together so it takes slightly longer to blend in your concealer but I feel that it gives you more precision to the brush and creates a beautiful blend. I don’t mind spending a few more seconds to get an airbrushed finish. Since it is on the cheaper side, be careful when you clean it because the bristle will come out.

I like this brush for liquid concealer, it doesn’t leave streak marks all over your face and it blends the concealer into your foundation really really well. But it is on the bigger side so sometimes I use it after I use the smaller brush and the concealer has been laid down exactly where I want it first.

Powder Brushes (Contour, Bronzer, Blush, & Highlighter) 

I am a sucker for large fluffy brushes. I love them so much because they are big and soft and just make me feel so nice. This brush is fantastic for contouring more than power because while it is big and fluffy, it is narrow if you turn it to the side. It helps create a perfect chiseled out face

Again, I am a sucker for big fluffy brushes. This brush is so incredible soft that I had to scoop it up right when I saw it. I like to use this brush for bronzer because it grabs the product and lays it down perfectly without moving any liquid product that you used as your base. It is also a really good brush for setting powder. According to the website, you can also use the brush for powder foundation.

I don’t actually use this brush for bronzing but instead I use it for my blush. I really like the idea of using an angled brush for your blush and since I already had this brush I decided to repurpose it. It works perfectly to pick up your blush and apply it to your cheeks. Also, its super cheap!

…I don’t use this brush for setting powder. I found that it was too small for me but it is PERFECT for highlighter. I love using this brush with my Fenty Beauty Hu$tla Money highlighter because with one swipe, it picks up the product and applies it with such a pop! It is the only brush I use for highlighting.

These are my favorite brushes for my face!

What are yours??





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