Maybelline MASTER chrome highlighters

Hey y’all,

I can’t believe that I haven’t written about these because they are incredible drugstore highlights, and I cannot stop reaching for me.

Y’all have probably read/watched thousands of reviews on this product and I’m going to add mine haha.

I love these highlighters. With the right brush, aka my real techniques setting powder brush, these highlighters shine so bright it’s incredible.

I have two of the colours, molten rose gold (top) and molten gold (bottom).


That is one swatch of each highlighter. I think both highlighters would look good on light and medium skin tones. They just released two new shades: Molten Peach and Molten Topaz and I think both would look gorgeous on medium / dark / darker skin tones. But I haven’t swatched them or tried them, so buyer beware.

(molten gold)

(molten rose gold)

Both retail for US$9.99 each and I think it’s a total deal! They work as well as highlighter that I have that are more expensive.

Have any of you guys tried them? Do you think they are worth it or not?




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