Products I Want To Try

Hey ya’ll,

So this summer I haven’t been wearing a lot of makeup because I have been having some skin issues. But it doesn’t stop me from searching for new makeup that I eventually want to try haha. I decided to make a list of what I want and I wanted to know if any of you guys have tried these products and your thoughts!

  1. Soleil Tan De Chanel | Chanel: US$50.00

I have always been curious about Chanel makeup and some other beauty bloggers have raved about this product. Thoughts?

2. Hollywood Flawless Filter & Finishing Powder | Charlotte Tilbury: US$44.00 / US$45.00

Did y’all hear? Charlotte Tilbury is coming to Sephora WOO! Thoughts on either of these products?

3. Scattered Light Glitter Eye Shadow | Hourglass: US$29.00

I AM DYING to tries these eyeshadows out but they are sold out everywhere! Has anyone gotten them and tried them? Thoughts?

4. Touche Eclat Blur Primer & Touche Eclat All-In-One Glow | Yves Saint Laurent: US$52.00 / US$48.00

The only reason I haven’t bit the bullet with this primer is because it costs more than any of my foundations and I just feel weird about that…but has anyone tried this product and really, really liked it?

Lately I have been LOVING super light foundations that are light / medium coverage and I keep hearing great things about the YSL one. Anyone tried it? Do you know how it compares to the Lancome Skin Feels Good?

5. Cold Plunge Pore Mask | OleHeriksen: US$36.00

I love clay masks, and this mask looks like it could do wonders for my skin. Has anyone tried this and really liked it? Thoughts?

So this is the current list of the makeup I want! What’s in on your list?




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