Ouai Hair Care

Hey y’all!

So today’s post is going to be about Ouai! I have been recently using some of their products and am going to share my thoughts!

I straighten my hair a lot in the summer because of work and just in general, I prefer straight hair to my normal mess of curls. When I was looking for a new shampoo, I needed something strong to help keep my hair from the damage I was inflicting on it.

  1. REPAIR Shampoo: US$28.00

I really like this shampoo. I saw results after the first wash, it really added a lot of moisture and nourishment to my hair. I always notice a difference after I use this shampoo and I really love it.

It does have a fragrance which it not harsh on the nose but it does irritate my eyes slightly so I have to be super duper careful with it.

2. REPAIR conditioner: US$26.00 

Since I have the REPAIR shampoo, I got the conditioner as well. It adds a TON of moisture to your hair and I have noticed a big difference with the ends of my hair. They split less which is great because I only get my hair professionally done once a year.

But, this conditioner is SUPER fragrant so again I have to be super careful with my eyes.

*I do really like these products but I’m not sure when I finish the bottles that I will be repurchasing it because of the fragrance and the price is pretty hefty. I’m sure I could find something at the drugstore that does a good job too – anyone have any suggestions?

3. Rose Hair & Body Oil: US$32.00

I am not going to lie, I purchased this product because I loved the pink oil. But the product works great. I loved putting it into my hair after washing my hair and after straightening it to lock in moisture. I also loved how it works for the body, it hydrates your skin instantly.

The scent is not irritating for your eyes at all, but the oil isn’t for the face. I don’t think this product is necessary for your skincare or for your haircare, it is more of a luxury product slash treat your self sort of product. So next time you’re feeling like you want to splurge a little bit and want to treat your skin and hair.

4. Wave Spray: US$26.00

This is such a lovely spray. I have curly hair that can be a little unmanageable but when I add this spray it controls the frizz. It really does add a little texture and builds controllable volume to my hair. I really like this spray for the summer where my hair is down and straight and I can add a few “beach” waves if I need too.

Again, this is a product that isn’t a die hard need for your hair. If you’re willing splurge a little bit then I would recommend it!

What are some products that you love for your hair? Let me know in the comments!!



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