National Lipstick Day

Hey y’all,

Today is national lipstick day, and below is a list of my favourite lipsticks!

Leave yours in the comments!

1. Velvet Teddy by Mac (US$18.50)

This is every brown girl’s favourite nude colour. I am fairly light but this lipstick compliments my skin wonderfully. Since I have gotten this lipstick, is it has been hard to wear anything else. The formula is super comfortable on the lips and this lipstick lasted through my Shake Shack meal which consisted of a burger, hot dog and cheese fries and did not BUDGE from my lips. It is fantastic and definitely my number 1.

2. Spice by Anastasia Beverly Hills (US$18.00)

This is a great matte lipstick from Anastasia (Ofc). It is like an apricot color, a fabulous nude for every day wear. The formula can be slightly uncomfortable during the day but it does not dry out your lips at all. I do not mind reapplying it once throughout the day.

3. Dolce (Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick) by Stila (US$22.00)

Dolce is a nude cinnamon sheen according to the Sephora website. It is a great nude colour and dresses up every look. The formula is great, it sits comfortably on the lipstick and stays for most of the day even with eating and drinking. I think I have only ever applied it twice throughout the day.

4. Miss Conduct (Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick) by Smashbox (US$24.00)

Miss Conduct is a beautiful plum colour/burgundy. It is my favourite matte liquid lipstick because the formula is long wearing but it does not dry out your lips at all. I never had to reapply this lipstick, even when I ate or drank, it stayed throughout the day. Love, love, love it.


Let me know what your favourite lipsticks are in the comments! I’m curious to try out new products 🙂



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