Wet n Wild – Foundation Review

Hey y’all!

I know its been a while, but recently I’ve been struggling with some issues with my eyes and wasn’t testing out makeup or really doing anything other than running to doctors appointments. I think they are finally on the mend so I’m back!

I’ve been dabbling with Wet n Wild foundations this summer, since they are so cheap and I don’t have a consistent tan, it’ll be good for a summer foundation that doesn’t have to match me 9 months of the year. Below are my thoughts!

The first Wet n Wild foundation I tried was their Photo Focus Foundation which was created so that no light shifts would cause problems for your foundation. Basically, you are ready for any type of photo.

Type: Liquid

Coverage: Light-Medium but buildable

Smell: Like paint

Cost: US$5.99

Thoughts: The applicator for the foundation is just a plastic stick, and I think the foundation would be better without it. It does not serve a purpose whatsoever and gets in the way. The foundation blends nicely into the skin and eventually the paint smell will wear off. I found that it clung to dry patches on my face and got oilier throughout the day. I did not hate the foundation but I am not head over heels for it.

Rating: 3/5

The second foundation I tried was their MegaCushion Foundation SPF 15. I have been trying to add more SPF into my makeup routine and have found that getting it through my foundation is a really easy way for me to do so, since adding sunscreen to my routine breaks down my makeup very fast.

Type: Liquid in a cushion compact

Coverage: Medium

Smell: No overpowering scent

Cost: US$8.99

Thoughts: I have never tried a cushion foundation in my life, but after hearing people rave about them I decided to give Wet n Wild’s foundation a chance. I have only worn this twice since I have had my eye issues but both times I absolutely loved this foundation. I used a beauty sponge to pounce in into my skin and it just melts right in, leaving a smooth canvas for you to apply contour, bronzer, highlight – whatever you want. I can’t wait to start wearing makeup again because I will definitely be reaching for this foundation more often.

Between the two foundations, I would recommend the Cushion foundation. I know it is slightly pricer but I found that it was a lot better than the liquid foundation.

Has anyone else tried these foundations? What are your thoughts? Or do you have another drugstore foundation that is your holy grail.

I hope y’all are having a fantastic summer!




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