My favorite brushes – eyeshadow

Hey y’all,

My weakness is eyeshadow so natural I have about a thousand different brushes but really only use a select few so I thought I’d share my favorites.

My first eyeshadow brush was the Sephora Collection #27 Blending Brush. This brush is fantastic for blending and smudging your eyeliner but I have smaller eyes so I have to be incredibly careful where I put the shadow and brush. But the bristles are soft and it keeps its shape for at least a year. I really love this brush and its always used in all my eye looks.

I am a SUCKER for anything pink so of course I have some Luxie Brushes:

  • Luxie Rose Gold Tapered Blending Eye Brush (205) US$12.00: This brush is amazing for the crease, it picks up product with the lightest touch and makes it super easy to blend or pat the shadow down, depending on what I want. The brush is generally coated with my transition color or my crease color and the off-days I don’t use it, I always hate my eye look…no joke.
  • Luxie Rose Gold Flat Definer Brush (221) US$12.00: This brush is one of my favorites for my waterline shadow. It really grips onto the powder and easily sweeps it under your eye.
  • Luxie Rose Gold Small Angle Eye Brush (215) US$10.00: I love to use this brush for little details, the bristles are packed together that it allows you to add solid color and details to your look. It also works well with gel liner for the perfect cat eye and wings.
  • Luxie Rose Gold Eye Essential Brush Set US$45.00: If you’re looking for a brush set, this would be a good start. It has some of the brushes mentioned before plus other ones that are really good brushes to have in your collection. Luxie does sales sometimes, so its good to get this set on sale!

The last few brushes are from Elf Cosmetics who have some really good, SUPER cheap brushes.

  • Beautiful Precise Smudge Brush US$5.00: This brush is fantastic for under the eyes. So if my other Luxie brush isn’t clean enough, I always reach for this one. They are pretty much tied in my routine.
  • Angled Eyeliner Brush US$3.00: I recently started using Gel Liner and this brush is a GODSEND. Its angled so it makes it super easy to apply gel liner (which can be terrible some days) and really gets into your water line. I have repurchased this brush twice (because it is cheap, they don’t really last long).
  • Eyeliner Brush US$1.00: I’m going to be honest, I don’t like this brush for eyeliner, the bristles kind of suck for that. But this brush is really good for a cut crease or laying down some concealer on your eyes.


So these are all my favourite brushes! I have a lot more but those sometimes make an appearance in my normal routine. What are you favourite brushes?



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