Empties – What I’d repurchase or not

Hey y’all,

So I’ve been running out of some products so I thought I’d make a post about the products I really liked and definitely will repurchase and products that I would pass on.

  1. Glitter on the Go Liquid Eye Shadow Set – Stila: US$25.00

These little glitters are so adorable and really easy to pack to travel with. They re the perfect size and they pack a PUNCH. They dress up every eye look so much that you don’t even need to use Kira Kira for your instagram pictures. I really loved these and having three small tubes is perfect since I do not use them all the time. So I get the variety and enough product to last me a while. Definitely repurchase.

2. Brow Gel – Anastasia Beverly Hills: US$22.00

I was never a fan of brow gels, honestly I thought they were pointless because I could just use my mascara to sweep across and set my brows. But then I got a reward size Anastasia Brow Gel and fell in love with this product. It is FABULOUS, it keeps the brows in place for the entire day, no matter if I am exercising or running around campus. I have very long brow hairs and with this gel, they do not BUDGE. Definitely repurchase.

3. Boi-ing Brightening Concealer – Benefit Cosmetics: US$20.00

I bought this concealer with high expectations, unsure why because Benefit cosmetics have generally not worked for me. I really liked this concealer in the beginning, I thought it did a good job brightening my under eyes. Sadly, as it became a staple in my routine I noticed it started to break apart and settle into my creases, no matter what powder I used to set it. Then I noticed within the pot, the oil started to seep out of the product. Definitely will not repurchase.

4. Liquid Glow Highlighter – Anastasia Beverly Hills: US$25.00 (Color: Oyster)

This liquid highlighter applies like a dream! It goes perfectly on top of powder (for the days I forgot I shouldn’t put liquid on powder) and mixes into foundation really well. I love the color oyster, and am in two minds about repurchasing it just because I recently got the Marc Jacobs Dew Drops and have loved them. But I might, just to treat myself. They are less expensive then Marc Jacobs and CoverFx and totally worth it.

5. Concealer – LA Girl Pro: US$4.99

This was a great concealer! I feel like they are super underrated and the coverage is really good. But I really don’t like the brush applicator it comes with, I find that it would move my foundation around under my eyes. So, sadly I won’t be purchasing this concealer.

6. Volum’ Express The Colossal Big Shot Mascara x Shayla – Maybelline: US$7.99

HOLY HELL did I love this mascara. I’m generally wary of drugstore mascaras because my eyes are prone to getting styes but when Shayla came out with this mascara, I threw caution to the wind because this is amazing. I don’t wear false lashes and generally have long natural lashes so when I do my makeup, I like something with a little volume but still natural. This mascara does it ALL. I was SHOOK to my CORE, which I have never been about a mascara so yes, I will definitely repurchase and probably repurchase a lot of them.

7. Rose Face Mask – Fresh: US$62.00

Oh boy, oh boy. I love this mask so much. In the winter, it restores my face with a burst of hydration. It has helped so much with my redness and pores and doesn’t let me face dry out. However, in the summer it hasn’t had quite its soothing effect but it does a decent job. I probably won’t be repurchasing this until the winter. Oh and it’s so aesthetically pleasing to look at, as all the Fresh products are. (And if you put this mask in the fridge it’ll totally wake up your face every morning).

So these are the products that I’ve finished and may or may not repurchase. Let me know whats on your list!




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