Hey guys!

I got the Lacome Skin Feels Good foundation and below are my thoughts. It retails at US$35.00

I have always been a medium-coverage build it up till its full coverage kind of girl. But this foundation…changed my life. Now all I want to do is bathe in skin tints. It is perfect for summer because it gives enough coverage that you can apply your bronzer/contour and highlighter on top. It creates a beautiful natural glow and minimizes texture so you have a wonderful smooth canvas to work with.

It has SPF 23, which is GREAT for me because I always forget to put on sunscreen and are wary of powders with SPF.

This foundation has made me want to buy a million more of it.

Check out my highlight on Instagram to see how AMAZING this foundation is! And if you like the vibe of my insta, give it a follow too! Comment below your username and I’ll follow you back 🙂  (It’s under GREEN SERIES) 






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