Kat Von D – Setting Powder

Hey y’all,

I’m an oily af girl so I need a good setting powder. Sadly, this one isn’t it. Review below!

I really wanted to like the Kat Von D setting powder. The few products I own (her 10th anniversary palette and the Shade and Light contour creme kit) are both fabulous. The powder, however, did not live up to any hype that I had heard.

It’s very fine but it grabs onto any rough patch on my face. It don’t apply much, I don’t bake that often but it would just setting in my fine lines under my eyes. I’m glad I got the mini version, because I don’t know what I would do with the big version. It sets your makeup decently but I’m not blown away by it and the fact that I have to push the brush into my skin to get the powder off.

I wouldn’t really recommend it but I’m at a loss at what powder to try next because even the Laura Mercier powder does not work that well on my face.

Has anyone tried the new Becca Hydra-Mist Powder? Do you like it?? I need some recommendation, ASAP.




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