Modern Renaissance vs. Soft Glam

Hi y’all!

A friend pointed out to me that I should do a comparison between Modern Renaissance and Soft Glam since they have some similar (a.k.a exact same shades) and they are both by Anastasia!

Soft Glam – US$42

This is a beautiful palette, the colors are super easy to blend. The formula is similar to Modern Renaissance, if not better! This palette is a HUGE step up from Subculture (which I did like a lot but there was waaaaay too much fallout). The color palette is quite simple, so if you’re in the market for a beautiful neutral palette I would highly recommend. Every matte color is incredibly pigmented, with a little bit of fallout but also blend very well. The only issue I have is with the black (Noir) because I find that the pigment stays for about an hour before falling onto your face. Maybe I need a new base but I thought I should point it out.

There are also a few colors that are in the Modern Renaissance palette: Tempera, Burnt Orange, and Cyprus Umber. I wasn’t really put off by this because I have hit pan on all three of these colors in my MR palette so it saved me from repurchasing them as singles!

My favorite matte in the palette is definitely Mulberry, a beautiful burgundy. It is perfect for the crease, smoking out in the corner or just an all over eyelid shade.

My favorite shimmer shade is a tie between Rose Pink and Fairy. Fairy which is a multi-dimensional light gold, is absolutely STUNNING and looks gorgeous in the inner corner or all over the lid. Rose Pink, self explanatory rose gold with a soft pink iridescent hue, is my kryptonite, I used it every time I open the palette (Swatches below) *Picture from Sephora because my palette is pretty dented

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 8.53.32 PM.png


Modern Renaissance – US$42

MR is one of my holy grail palettes. It has been ever since I got the palette. It is a perfect palette for all seasons, it has a few warm colors, some reds and the beautiful cyprus umber. I pretty much use this palette every single day, each shadow performs the same and there is minimal fallout. The shadows also are so easy to use and work into any look you’re trying to create. This palette is very inspiring and I’ve hit pan on almost all the shadows.

My favorite matte shadow is Raw Sienna, a neutral amber with an “ultra” matte finish. I cried when I hit pan on that shadow. It is a beautiful transition color and I really have not found anything like it in any other palette that I own (and I own a lot of eyeshadow palettes).

My favorite shimmer shadow is Primavera, a shimmery gold that has a matte finish. This is a beautiful gold that performs well when dry but really knocks your socks off when you use a little Mac Fix+ or a wet brush.

Swatches below! (Picture of palette from Sephora because mine has so many holes in it from hitting pan!)

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 8.53.47 PM.png



Honestly, both palettes are absolutely fantastic and the formula is gorgeous. I definitely think that Soft Glam has a slightly better formula but Modern Renaissance is a very unique palette and I haven’t been able to find a dupe for it yet (not that I really want too haha). Either one, or both would absolutely be a staple in your collection…I promise you’ll reach for these palettes all the time!




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