Maybelline Foundation – Matte + Poreless

Hey y’all

I haven’t done a foundation review yet and decided to do it about a drugstore foundation.

This is a really cool, affordable foundation. It attempts to make your pores smaller and create a matte finish.

Packaging: I really like the packaging, it has a little weight to it and it reminds me of the YSL packaging but just less fancy.

Formula: It applies a bit thick and hard to buffer into the skin. But once it gets on, it feels weightless and thin. With one coat, you can create medium to full coverage, depending on what your preference is.

Wearability: This foundation is definitely long lasting, it stays on great with the right setting spray (I use the NYX matte spray, Pixi Morning Mist or Mac Fix Plus). Even though it is a matte foundation, I don’t think it grips my dry patches that much.

Color Selection: The foundation does not have a lot of shade colors unfortunately. Hopefully they will be coming out with more soon!

Concern: The foundation has a chemical smell to it. It goes away once the foundation is buffed into your skin, but it can kind of getting overwhelming when you put it on the back of your hand and dab your brush or sponge into the liquid.

Those are my thoughts on the foundation. I have used it a couple of times (to get a better match, I mixed two shades together) and really liked how it wore throughout the day, even when I was exercising. If you’re looking for a good drug store foundation, I think Maybelline is the way to go!




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3 thoughts on “Maybelline Foundation – Matte + Poreless

  1. This is my daily foundation and I love it! It’s only $5 and matches my skin tone PERFECTLY. It doesn’t oxidize either. They do have quite a bit of shades but certain stores don’t stock the entire range. For example, Walgreens carries the product, but they don’t carry it in Spicy Brown. But if I go to Target, there are about 10 additional colors available (including the color I need! Yay!) for sale that I never see stocked at Walgreens.

    Everyone asks me why I don’t try higher end foundations… I can, but why? This works so well for me and it’s $5.



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