Subculture – The most debated palette this year (Yay or Nay?)

Hi Guys,

Sorry I haven’t be posting, I was on family vacation and wasn’t really trying out any makeup or even wearing makeup. Boy, I am so happy to be back!

Just before I left on vacation, I got the subculture palette and since I have been back I have been playing around with it a lot. So, here is my thoughts on the palette.

I’m sure a lot of you were keeping up with the drama surrounding this palette. There was definitely A LOT to talk about. I was nervous about purchasing it, but I have a little bit of blind faith when it comes to Anastasia and plus, if I didn’t like it or the way it performed I could always return it.

Packaging: When Norvina said this was the sister palette to MR, she was not lying. The packaging is the same concept, small mirror inside, 12 pans filled to the brim with powder and wonderful velvet on the outside. I love the greeny-blue color and the yellowing writing – I think it makes the palette look very attractive.

21767293_1725377154139116_1091276259_o (1).jpg

Color Scheme (General Thoughts): At first, I thought it was a super random combination of colors. I was looking at the white shadow in pictures and thinking, “What the holy hell will I do with that?” But, the white is actual a metallic shimmer shade and turns into a beautiful vibrant pink.I absolute adore Electric and Adorn which are the other two metallic shades. The colors are beautiful for a transition into fall, you get a beautiful mango orange (New Wave) and a bright yellow (Edge). There is also a beautiful peachy color (Roxy) and a nice base light peachy color (Dawn).

Metallics (Cube, Adorn, Electric): These shadows are packed in. I had to use either my finger (which I like to avoid doing when possible) or a flat shader brush to get these colors onto to the brush. But once they touch your lid and you spread them evenly, the color pay off is amazing. I have created a color halo looks with Adorn and Electric and put Cube in the inner corner and it has looked fantastic. They can be a little rough to work with, they aren’t very creamy but in my opinion – I think the pay off is worth it.


Mattes (Dawn, Destiny, All Star, Mercury, Axis, Roxy, Fudge, New Wave, Untamed, Edge, Rowdy): I have dipped into most of these colors and they are as pigmented as ever! Honestly, when I put All Star and Axis on my eye, I was beyond happy about their pigmentation. A little goes A LONG way with these shadows, just like it does in MR. I do find them a little hard to blend out because of the pigmentation, you have to be super careful you are not sweeping the shadow all over the place (mistakes were made, but hey, that is why it is always good to have a couple of makeup wipes around!). The easiest way I think to apply the matte shadows is to use a flat brush and pat the shadow down on your eyelid.

FALLOUT: You definitely see some fallout (as you can see with my palette). There is more than the MR palette so it is a little hard to keep the palette nice and neat. But, there is so much pigment that I think it outweights the fallout issue. Personally, in my palette there is not that much fallout but I have seen reviews (Laura Lee, and Tati) who have experience major fallout and also seen reviews were the palette has been relatively neat (Kathleen Lights, MesiJesi).

21706379_1725377180805780_321907390_o (1)

When it comes to this palette I think the buyer should be aware that there can be major fallout. But if that does not matter and you adore the pigment and the color scheme in the palette, they you should try it out! Also, if you buy from Sephora they have a wonderful return policy too so there is no sweat if you try it but do not like it! This palette has been my go-to since I got it almost a month ago, so I really do enjoy it and I think Norvina and Anastasia did a wonderful job with this palette!

What are your thoughts on the palette?




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