What’s in my travel bag?

Hey guys,

So I’m going to be traveling for the month of August and unfortunately I cannot bring my entire makeup collection with me (so sad).

I thought I’d do a post about what I’m going to take in order to save space but maximize glam. I also put my makeup in my suitcase so I try to take a mix of cheap products and the product I can’t live without just in case I loose my luggage.


This primer and I have a love-hate relationship. It is perfect for the summer time, when my face is extra oily and going from heat to air conditioning really takes it for a ride. However, in the winter – this primer is not my friend. But since it is summer, I am in LOVE with this primer. It hides pores very well and gives a beautiful smooth finish for any color corrector, concealer and foundation you choose to use.


This is one of my favorite high end foundations. Granted, I don’t have much experience with them (yet, hopefully I’ll be able to invest in a couple more) but this foundation is very buildable – letting you use it for sheer or full coverage foundation. It is also small (though, lots of product inside) so it fits right into your makeup bag for the vacation!


I use the normal concealer, the lilac concealer, and green concealer from NYX. I love these concealers because a lot goes a long way. They are also cheap and whenever I run out I know I’m not far from a drugstore in order to pick more up. These concealers are also so easy to blend or buffer out and hide any imperfections perfectly.

US$8.00 each

I’ve already written a review about this palette, which is here (if you’re interested). I like this palette a lot, it offers two buildable highlighters and one pan with bronzer so when you’re traveling or simply stepping out of the house, it is an easy small palette to bring along.


You want to keep your face set and matte? Try the NYX Makeup Setting Spray! The bottle is small but holds a lot of liquid instead and the spray actually mists your face. It is easy to apply (I recommend patting it down with a powder puff) and it keeps your makeup matte and fresh all day long. It also doesn’t make your makeup look cakey at all.


This is a fairly decent setting powder. It keeps your face matte and is great for baking. There is a little bit of flash back, so I would not stock up on the powder. If you want something a little more high end, you could get the Laura Mercier powder which I absolutely love.


This is a wonderful palette and its small so it is easy to pack too. I love the the mix of shimmer and matte shadows. I love my eyeshadows, so I really can’t imagine going on vacation without one palette. The palette is pigmented, and easy to blend so any look you create with your eyes is very easy and takes like three minutes to do.


…So that’s what is in my travel bag! What’s in yours?




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