Tarteist™ Pro Amazonian Clay Palette

Hey guys,

I know I just did a review on the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palettes and I would rather not do two eyeshadow reviews in a row… I recently just got the new Tarteist Pro Palette and have been playing around with it a little. I really wanted to share my thoughts, so (hopefully) this will be the only time two posts about the same type of makeup will be done.

Overall thoughts: This is definitely a great palette. The shadows are very pigmented (especially if you use concealer as your base) and the colors themselves are beautiful. Each row is designed so that you’re not fumbling around the palette trying to find a transition shade or something bolder for the lid. The layout itself suggests a look you can do or you can mix and match the colors from all over the palette.

Compared to ABH’s Modern Renaissance, the shadows are a little harder to blend. I didn’t find them as creamy as the ABH ones and it made it slightly tougher to blend out or blend together. That being said, it only did take a few extra seconds but just something I thought I would note. The shimmery shades can be a little tough to get on the brush, I suggest just using your finger if you can. 20353871_1668978476445651_661351599_o.jpg

My favorite row in the palette is definitely the first and the third one. I find those to be the most versatile, at least with the looks I like to create. That being said, I am very excited to play around more with the second and the fourth row.

This palette costs US$53 so it is expensive but I do believe it was worth my money (I have returned eyeshadow palettes in the past, I am not afraid!).

The packaging itself is lovely, I love the giant mirror that Tarte include. It makes it very easy to use the palette when I will be traveling and don’t necessarily have a mirror to use. The case is hard and it protects the shadows nicely.



I wish all eyeshadow palettes came with this beautiful, large mirror!




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